St Patricks Day and a Good Workout ?

Its March and and every young persons favorite holiday is right around the corner . Yes that right .. St Patrick’s Day . Yes celebrations have begun . Drinking large amount of beer can be a detriment to your fitness goals.  But it doesn’t have to be.

When your out celebrating grab a heavy beer  instead of a watery lite beer like millerlite/coorslight/budlight. The heavy beer will fill you up faster and you wont drink as much but you  will still have that drunken satisfaction you were looking for.

The next tip .  WORK OUT THE NEXT DAY ! Preferably strength straining. At this point you must think I’m crazy. But a night of drinking beer is the ULTIMATE CARB LOADING . Your muscles will be fueled to lift and once you get past the initial struggle  of working out hung over , you ‘ll have a great lift and you will feel better about your self after the previous nights drinking.

That’s all for now ! Be Fit and Be Great !

– Captain Fit


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