The Prescription

What if I told you, there was a miracle cure all, something that could prevent or help you manage many if not most diseases and probably cost you less a month then a night out on the town, a grocery bag full of junk food and way cheaper then lot of doctors visits /prescriptions.
And the minimum dosage to see benefit is a 150 minutes a week , which equates to half an hour a day , and something as small as doing this treatment 10 minutes at a time !
Here are some stats to throw at you:

Health care spending averaged $4,864 per enrollee per year

Consumers spent an average of $800 per person out-of-pocket per year

Prescription drugs cost people on average $ 550 for brand name and $287 for generic drugs a year
Average cost to use centers where this “Treatment “can be done, $ 492 per year with some “treatment centers costing as little as $100 a year
Impressive right? But how does this mystery “treatment “help you? The following are some of the most common health problems in the U.S that can be treated or prevented with this “mystery treatment”.
The Obesity epidemic is running rampant in society and can be traced back as the root cause of a lot of health problems. Now by using this treatment in at least the recommended minimum dosage listed above, you will burn calories, see an increase in muscle tone and also an increase in your resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories your body burns at rest during the day). You also help to improve heart and lung function, which leads to the next benefit.
This treatment can help prevent the development of Cardiovascular disease(hypertension, stroke , arrhythmia etc ) by improving heart and lung function ( as mentioned above ), meaning increased circulation , and improve your ability to complete activities of daylily living (like walking up stairs ).But what if you have already been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease ? The above recommended dosage of this treatment will also help improve diminished heart and lung function associated with many cardiovascular diseases ( if already have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease , it may take some time to work up to the recommended dosage) .
Another big health problem in the U.S is Diabetes. How does this treatment help people with this metabolic disorder? Well, it helps to improve the body’s use of blood glucose (sugar), by triggering the hormone insulin to absorb it in to your muscles while completing this treatment. It basically helps keep your blood sugar in check, and also helps to control your weight (access blood sugar is converted to fat).
A lot of people in this country suffer from various mental health conditions, such as depression, and anxiety, which are usually treated through medications and psycho therapy. But I am here to tell you this treatment can also help those affected with mental health conditions! One theory behind its effectiveness is that it triggers the brain to release feel-good chemicals during and after the conclusion of this treatment, that can ease depression symptoms (neurotransmitters, endorphins and endocannabinoids). Other factors attributed with the usefulness of this treatment are the increase in body temperature, which is thought to have a calming effect, confidence gain, distracting you from the worries of life, increased social interaction that occurs at these treatment centers, and lastly it helps depression/anxiety sufferers cope with these conditions in a healthy way instead of turning to drugs , alcohol , smoking , or binge eating , which is what many people with these mental health conditions do to “ self medicate “.
This treatment is also attributed with helping to increase bone density. This increase is especially helpful to those who suffer with osteoporosis, the loss of bone density at an advanced age. Why is this important? Without strong bongs you are more susceptible to injury. It can also be used as a preventive treatment to increase your bone density so that if or when osteoporosis hits, it won’t be so bad.
People who suffer with arthritis will also find this treatment extremely helpful. It works by decreasing joint stiffness, as well as making muscles around joints stronger; making life a lot easier for arthritis suffers. Unfortunately many people with arthritis avoid this treatment, which makes the symptoms and pains associated with arthritis worse and can add other problems to compound it , such as some of the various health conditions listed above.
Additionally, this treatment has been shown to significantly help people with chronic insomnia. Theories suggest it is the heating effect on the body, which is followed by the effect of body temperature cooling down after conclusion of the treatment, leaving the person in a more relaxed state. Also noted above how this treatment effects anxiety and depressive symptoms (which can lead to many sleepless nights), when these disorder are controlled can lead to improved sleep quality. And finally this treatment can provide a healthy strain on the body, which makes the person tired and want to sleep.
And finally, I saved the best for last, this treatment can help improves your sex life. How you ask? It helps improve blood flow, increases testosterone in men, improves stamina, flexibility, and the increased endorphins following a bout of treatment helps your “mood “. And honestly it helps you feel better about your body (and “baring it all “)
This exciting treatment can also help prevent /aid in the management of many other disorders, but that’s for another day.
So at this point I know your searching the page for the pay pal button , or looking for where you can find these treatment centers for this amazing ( more synonyms)treatment.
If you haven’t caught on, you probably are already familiar with this treatment, drum roll please

Without knowing that I was talking about exercise, most of you (who didn’t catch on that is) were probably ready to run to your local drug store, call your doctor and “see if this treatment was right for you” or call some “1-800” number and throw your credit card information at them.
So the questions I pose here, If exercise has so many benefits why aren’t more people doing it? Without me saying the above “treatment” was exercise, most people would buy it right? Please share this blog with someone you know who is on the fence about or could use this “treatment” in their life.

Till next time

You stay Fit  America ,



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