What the Heck is Online Fitness Coaching ?

I have heard a lot of question as to what online fitness Coaching is? Let me start by telling you what it’s not, It’s not a fitness coach (like myself ) barking orders at you through Skype , It’s not a quick fix or a generic fitness plan like a p90x .

fitness coaching
It is essentially hiring a trainer that specializes in what your specific needs are. And the best part about online fitness coaching, is you can hire anyone you want! You’re not limited to what trainers are in gyms or fitness studios in your geographical area. An online fitness coach can give you a fitness routine that can be brought to a local gym or you can do at home , tailored to your needs , fitness goals and around any muscle imbalances or previous injuries you may have had ( maybe even help you utilize those 5 lb dumbbells you have collecting years of dust ). Online fitness training is also cheaper than hiring a trainer in gym or studio , mainly because the trainer is operating with no overhead to worry about (facility fees etc). And the best part , You train when YOU want to , no need to tailor your schedule around a trainers availability !
Who isn’t ready for /shouldn’t consider fitness coaching ? For starters, people who need medically supervised training. Also if you’re not motivated and know you need to be constantly pushed , online fitness training is not for you. If you opt to, an online fitness coach will have weekly or bi weekly “ coaching ‘ session(by phone) to talk to you about how thing are going , but that is it . And lastly as mentioned above, ITS NOT A QUICK FIX. You have to put the work in just like you would for an in person training session.
And as with hiring trainer in a studio or fitness center, check there qualifications, such as degrees and certifications (check to see if there an NCCA accredit trainer here http://www.usreps.org/Pages/aboutus.aspx) to make sure you hire a qualified Fitness professional, like this guy right here

turkey trot
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Till next time
You Stay Fit America


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