How I Rejected Country Music and Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Weightlifting

When I used to think Country music was reserved for people living Texas, on farm sitting in the back of a pickup truck, when I thought about country line dancing all I pictured was those same people in the back of barn, surrounded by bales of hay dancing and swigging jugs of moonshine. Not for me , I would not be caught dead listening to country music .Man was I narrowed minded. But then it dawned on me? How could I dismiss something like that without actually getting the facts? So I listened to one song while procrastinating writing paper in grad school , “ Get Drunk and Be Somebody ‘ by Toby Keith , that one song led to me downloading another , and another , I was hooked . It was then that I realized there was a whole legion of Country music lovin’ people right here in NJ!! Imagine that! Heck I even tried country line dancing for the first time a few years ago, which was a ton of fun. I was so completely wrong. Something I find so much joy from, I was closed off to because of the stereotype of the genre, which leads me to….
Women & Weight lifting
Although its improving greatly, to this day there is still such a bad stereo type, a lot of women still believe if they lift weights for exercise they‘ll turn into this


So I am going to tackle this by “dropping some science on ya “ . The reasons that make men and women different biologically (Breasts, facial hair, etc) is the same reason why a women won’t turn into the Incredible Hulk, our bodies have different hormone profiles. Its the Testosterone in men that is the key contributor to building muscle, and while women do have small amounts testosterone in their body, women’s predominate hormone is ESTROGEN, which doesn’t lend itself to building muscle. Although women can add muscle, to see overall significant muscle gains, it would require taking some kind of “AID” (steroids, growth hormone, testosterone supplementation, etc ). But women in search of losing weight and improving their bodies have been righting weights off for years, why BECAUSE OF THE STEREO TYPES. So while you won’t turn into a Lady Lou Ferrigno, you will see the following benefits:

• Improved FAT loss ( Not weight , specifically adipose tissue aka fat)
• Stronger bones
• Higher caloric expenditure during / after workouts
• Improved curves
• Better sleep
• Stress relief

Trust me, you‘ll like what you see in the mirror after a few weeks of weight training (combined with a good diet). So what is the moral of the story? Just as I turned my nose to the Country genre for years, Ladies have been avoiding weight lifting for even longer, and the reason….. the stereo type. In closing, Harold Evans said it best, “Attempting to get at truth means rejecting stereotypes and cliches.”

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Till next time
You Stay Fit, America


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