Super Bowl Commericials Workout

As an added bonus to weekly post , here is a Super Bowl Commercials Workout

Super Bowl Comercials work out
– Stand up when commercials start
– Sit down when commercials are over
– Start of every Robe Lowe Direct TV commercial -Pogos( imaginary jump rope ) till its finished
– Food commercial – squat
– Beverage commercial( Alcoholic / Non- Alcoholic) – Push up( traditional , modified , wall )
– Movie trailer – balance on 1ft
– Internet hosting site commercial (Go Daddy, etc) – 1 Burpee
– UPS, fed ex , or USPS commercial – 1 lap around the party
– Tv show commercial – 2 sit ups
– Commercial you can’t Figure out – High knee till you do


Enjoy the Game !

P.S visit or leave a comment here and let me know how the work out goes !

Till next time
You Stay Fit, America



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