Exercise Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Most people who don’t exercise think of the gym as a torturous place full of big snarling muscle-y people who will judge you as soon as you walk in and won’t except you into their club. A place full of loud banging, no talking, lots of grunting and snarling. An arduous chore for narcissistic body builders and beautiful people . Perception of physical activity is that it is a laborious task involving getting sweaty and lots of sourness .Perception over the years was and to some extent still is , that fitness is for the elitecist , and the gym is full of super perfect men and women . That you have to spend hours and hours in there to accomplish anything, buy lots of supplements and generally have a lot of money. All these stereotypes, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, have likely led to the obesity epidemic entrenching our society. Exercise is horrible, physical activity will kill you and sweating is bad for you.

 Craig_Titus_IFBB_bodybuilder_Web_Site_222_ezr  nofun2  YELLING

Well I am here to tell you all the above information is crap.

Physical activity and exercise are fun. The gym is full of upbeat music, people conversing and yes it’s a place where you can watch TV and exercise at the same time ! It is a community, that if you let it, will welcome you in with open arms. And there is a physically active community for everyone. From adult softball and other sports teams , to running clubs , Geo catchers and even Dance fitness studios , full of people shaking their booties. Even the much publicized Crossfit community is full of happy smiling people having the time of their life, WOD-ing and PR-ing. Participate in an event , whether it’s a Zumbathon , or a 5K you run in your undies and even an obstacle course race. You’ll never hear some who has done an obstacle course race say it was a miserable time ! For most people it’s the best time of their day week or month, the work day is over( or not started yet for those early birds) , music is pumping , there visiting friends, achieving things they never imagined! And here is the real kicker, your also improving your health, both mental and physical.

Senior Basketball Team --- Image by © Patrik Giardino/CORBISkids-grassb2c_9_banner
So inclosing, ignore the stereotypes. There wrong. Forget any pre conceived notions you have about physical activity and exercise. Get physically active, start exercising. DO something. As the Nike slogan says “Just Do It’. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

just do it

Till next time
You Stay Fit, America
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