Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

In today’s society we are pre disposition to judge. Whether it’s our self or others, We are inundated with pictures on Face book ,Instagram etc . We judge them, we judge all of them. When we look at someone who is obese, we automatically think , there unhealthy . When we see a skinny person, we automatically think there healthy, making assumptions without knowing the compositions of their body. And what’s even worse, Doctors use the BMI scale , which predicts based on height , weight and age that someone is obese . Hey Doc, try telling a 6’1 200LB body builder with 9% body fat, that according to your chart he is obese and unhealthy.

When most people are trying to “lose weight “, they are consumed by the number on the scale. They can be dieting, exercising regularly, but the number on the scale disappoints. But that number doesn’t tell the whole story, in fact it doesn’t tell you anything all. Your body is composed of lean tissue (muscles, bones &organs) , and adipose tissue(FAT) . Ideally you want higher concentration of lean tissue then adipose tissue. But when you step on a scale all you get is a number that represents the sum of those 3 components of the body. So if your exercising a lot and eating well , you’re actually gaining lean muscle and losing fat , but the number on the scale isn’t budging . AND THAT’S OKAY! Because you should feel good about what you’re doing, that clothes are fitting better and you’re over all healthier.
Another misconception is that “looking skinny” means your healthy and there is no need to exercise. WRONG! A lot of people who appear to be skinny on the outside and who are sedentary and eat a poor diet can actually be considered obese. What happens as we age our muscles deteriorate if not used , bone density decreases, so although people may appear to be skinny … they have little muscle and a high concentration of adipose tissue in their body.

Finally not everyone want to be physique model, Brad Pitt or Ken McCullough ,haha. Just because a person is overweight DOES NOT mean there un healthy. Physical inactivity associated more with better predictor of all-cause mortality than being overweight or obese. According to The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Active obese individuals actually have lower morbidity and mortality than normal weight individuals who are sedentary … the health risks of obesity are largely controlled if a person is physically active and physically fit.”
So in closing, what you see on the outside does not tell the whole story . The number on a scale does not represent how hard you have been working out and dieting. Being overweight doesn’t always mean unhealthy, and being skinny doesn’t always mean healthy. So be mindful and think , before you judge a book by it’s cover.


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