Stop Ignoring Your Body

It’s a strange feeling, but I am currently not training for any races.

Starting last summer, I completed 2 5k laps of Terrain Race ( an obstacle course race), Atlantic City 5k ( 4thplace age group), Atlantic City Half Marathon,  Rocky Run 5k & 10 miler , a 5 mile turkey trot , few days later 5 k turkey trot , and then dove head first into my Spartan Ultra Training( 30 + miles  obstacle course race) , which I competed in at the end of April .  So from August 17’ till the end of April ‘18  I competed in close to 80 miles worth of races. Compound that with the training mileage during the weeks and weekends leading up to the races , I have run close to 400 miles in the past year( thanks Garmin ). Now that’s a lot of wear and tear on your legs for anybody, but manageable to the seasoned runner with good running mechanics.


I , however did not have good running mechanics. During my half marathon , I started to feel pain in my left quad , hamstring and foot.  I shook it off . I taped it , I iced it , I pressed on . No pain no gain , right ? Although I am a fitness professional who should knows better , the male ego side of my brain said to push on instead of worrying about it . So I pressed on with my with my races and training . As I got into the heart of my Ultra Spartan training it got worse .  I finally saw a chiropractor with about a month and half left in my training . The prognosis , my hips were out of alignment , causing me to run more to the left. My Running after my adjustments was better and felt pretty good . But months of running with my hips out of wack can’t be un done that fast. And the pain in my left would return .


So here I sit today , still having aches in my left leg and foot. I haven’t run in about a month .


Why am I telling you all of this ?


For starters, to show I am human. But the moral of the story, Your body has pain receptors and they signal your brain for a reason. And that reason is NOT for you to ignore it like you do your check engine light or an annoying co-worker. If something hurts.. stop , and figure out why. Its okay to take a break , exercise lighter , not sign up for a race, lift as heavy as you’ve done in the past.  As we age , it takes longer to heal, which is something I am learning more and more how to deal with. Ease back into intense exercises and training after a break or a competitive event. Take that down time to learn more self-care  strategies like foam rolling and  trigger point therapies. Make an appointment with your physician if pains linger . Treat yourself to an appointment with a good chiropractor or trusted massage therapist. It’s okay to take a break , go easier… no one is judging you , and if they are you probably don’t know them anyway. You get one body , the weights , the races , however you exercise  will always be there when your healed and ready to return. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!


As for me … I am enjoying sitting on the beach on a Sunday morning watching the waves crash against the shores , instead of long  exhausting training runs .



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