” He’s a Fitness Freak”

I was introduced by an old acquittance /friend from high school to her friends , and that is how she introduced me . Granted, in high school , I looked nothing like I do today. Two totally different people both in looks and personality . But it just sounded so negative, like being healthy is a negative thing these days ?  And what is a fitness freak anyway ? A healthy habits machine that works out for 5 hours a day , eats perfectly and never gets hurt or sick . It blew my mind , and  it stuck with me.

So am I a fitness freak. Nope . I wake up on the weekend some times and ask my self “am I going to work out today ?”and sometimes the answer is no because my body is tired. Even during the week some days I ‘m animal in the gym ,crushing my workout , some days it’s a struggle to just get through it. My body is far from perfect, I have disc issues in my back , that I constantly manage, as well as other tiny imbalances I work to fix .  And as far as diet , I eat healthy, 75-80% of the time. I ve developed good habits as far as planning and prepping my meals ahead of time. But I love me some sweets , and I don’t really believe in waiting for a scheduled “cheat meal” . If want something sweet , I buy it ,the cheat meal concept is too restrictive and leads to binging. Some freak aren’t I ?


I have come from being really un healthy and overweight child /young adult to what I am now. I’m not into healthy eating , and working out because I want to parade around saying I am better than anyone. It’s quite the opposite, I want to inspire , I want to help. I like being healthy , I like not having to sit in a doctor’s office regularly , or regularly having to shell out co pays for different medications or visits . And honestly , I like when I see my muscles like biceps or calves looking good or toned. It’s a good thing to have good self-esteem and not hate myself, but doesn’t mean I’m an egotistical meathead.


So am I fitness freak ? Not at all


I am a healthy , flawed human being, just like you .

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