Even Super Heros Need Help ​: Your New Years Resolution Starter Guide

Spiderman never defeats The Vulture without help from his High school buddy Ned. Ironman never beats the Mandarin and the other fellow without help from the little boy in the small town where Tony crashed. Captain American never slows down Winter Soldier without Falcon . The point ? Even the super-est of super heroes need help.( Sorry , Superhero movie nerd )

So why do so many people set off on New Resolutions, to change there lives, to save themselves, on their own ? Why do they google , listen to hear say or fall for the “ magic bullet “ads. What kind of movie would it have been had Peter Parker automatically beat the Vulture on his own ? Or Tony Stark finding the Mandarin and that other guy or if either one of them could push a button and defeat a bad guy. You’d have short movie with no plot and well it would be boring. And if you could do it on your own without help , you would have no need for a healthy New Years Resolutions because you would have figured it out 5 or 6 resolutions ago.

So instead of going at it alone , I’m here to give you some direction .I am here to be your Ned, Falcon or the little dude in the garage watching over your ironman suit .

So here are some tips to get you started.

January 1st comes and your GAME ON ! Gym everyday , cut back on eating . After a week, you should be a model right ?. NOPE and within a month you will probably get discouraged. Has it happened to you ? If you set SMART goals , you’ll manage those un realistic expectations. What are SMART goals ? They are goals that are Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time bound. When you make SMART goals , you’re more likely to succeed.

Once you have your goals set, changing your habits will more than likely be a huge component of achieving them. The problem ? It takes years to build habits ,and you won’t undo them in a week or even a month. It takes time. Too many changes too fast can be overwhelming, which can intern lead to failure. On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic. Start small . Write down the habits you want to change . Pick one . Then pick another. If your struggling with food-related habits, click here

So as with trying to fix the sink or a build a shelf, when we look to change our bodies we head right to the internet. It is full of information. Google add muscle, Google lose weight. Endless pages come up. Yes and some of it is great information. Some of it is not. But what happens is, you pick a couple of things, you follow it, you see no changes. Why? BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT !!. Nothing is one size fits all and that includes internet health/fitness advice. Not to mention, there is just so much damn information your head will explode with Analysis paralysis. How do you even pick what you think might work best for you?

So after looking over all the different information , you are convinced there has to be an easier way.. right ?. Unfortunately when it comes to our health , most times they don’t work or they don’t last. The It Celebrity workout , the shake , the pill , the plan to lose weight, be stronger , be healthier in( x) short amount of time. But truth be told , results come , then results go and your left around new years looking for the next magic bullet for you. Always remember how long it took you to get where you are right now , before you think you can undo it in a few weeks

In closing, When you break it down, its not as easy as it may seem to lose weight, be healthier or get stronger. Spiderman needed help, Ironman needed help , Captain America needed help … you need help in order to succeed. Unrealistic goals , changing all your habits at once , Googling it and finally looking for the easy fix, will lead you right back here again , committing to another New Years Resolution . “ You are never strong enough that you don’t need help “ – Caesar Chavez

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