Egg Yolks , Cholesterol and Your Health : The Complete Story

Eggs In the the News 

2000’s- Egg Yolks are bad , Too much Cholesterol 

2018 – Eggs are good for you , don’t worry about the cholesterol, its good for you

2019 – Eating Eggs is now bad again , throw out your eggs

The back and forth headlines on Eggs and Yolks is EGG-asperating !

So in one most recent studies( half-truth blasted all over the news in the past week and social media headlines)have found that consuming more then 2 eggs per day have resulted in a 27% increase risk in cardiovascular disease .But the big thing people heard , and all I ‘ve heard the past couple days , Egg yolks are bad for you.  

The problem with this study , it was an observational study, meaning they just asked people to “ recall” through a survey “about” how many eggs they had eaten over a certain time. Also , no lifestyle, dietary habits , BMI , Body Fat , or If they were smokers etc  were included as factors  in this study . No laboratories, weekly drawing blood etc. Just asking and finding out  there cholesterol levels and surveying.

But, what exactly is cholesterol anyway ? Cholesterol is a lipid , fat deposits streaming through your blood . You have HDL , the good kind , that are larger and just flow throw the blood , like a driver in the fast lane on a highway, keeping things moving along. Then you have the LDL cholesterol, smaller particles that just park themselves on the side of the wall of your arteries ,like  that slow person driving in the fast lane , and as it builds up, more like construction on a highway , slowing , down traffic or in our case blood flow. Too much LDL particles may lead to an increase risk of developing  Cardiovascular diseases such as , high blood pressure , increase risk of strokes and heart attacks. But Eggs won’t do that .. right ?

Eggs are composed mostly of the HDL cholesterol particles and recent studies have shown some larger LDL particles that don’t stop or impede traffic in the arteries , there basically  HDL junior particles. So if you eat whole eggs in moderation , as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle , it bad for you? 


Eggs HAVE FAR SUPERIOR PROs than cons . I mean the egg is the precursor to a chicken , so it can’t be too bad .. right ?

Pros and Cons Of Whole Eggs ( with yolk )

Pros Cons 
increasing immune function, including antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-cancer action “ High in Cholesterol “ *
vitamins A, D, E and K along with omega-3 fats. Compared to the whites, egg yolks are also rich in folate and vitamin B12.  
improving bone density and resilience  
maintaining a healthy blood production and composition, especially iron content and clotting factors  
improving cellular growth and repair  
improved brain development and health  
reducing the risk of bowel obstruction and kidney stones  
improving cardiovascular health  
increasing skin and hair health  

*Eggs contain high amount of HDL good cholesterol and larger LDL  cholesterol , not shown to stick to artery walls 

Now if eggs are staple of your diet and you eat lots of fruits and vegetables your in a good place and really have nothing to worry about . Foods  high in fiber such as fruits and vegetables can help , lower your cholesterol levels. Fiber actually binds to  cholesterol and its pre cursors and drags it through the digestive system and out of your body. Some of the best fruits/vegetables for your cholesterol control include  apples , grapes , citrus fruits , okra , eggplant and those high in plant sterols such as broccoli, carrots ,corn, carrots , brussel sprouts etc.,  . 5 servings of fruits/ veggies a day is recommended for healthy living and egg-ceptional cholesterol control.

Along with fruits and vegetables, Exercise and physical activity also help to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol . Exercise helps to stimulate LDL movement off your artery walls and from your liver,  like that guy driving in the fast lane honking and flashing his lights to move the slow car along . Studies have also shown that exercise increases the proteins in your blood that carry around your HDL and LDL cholesterol particles.  So as long as it’s moving and not causing a traffic jam in your arteries , you’re in a good place . Its recommended at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity daily to see the benefits .( 30 minutes does not have to be consecutive .. just move )

So the next time eggs are in the news, ask your self ,have eggs changed ? The answer is no and how they impact the body has not either.They as a part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle will not cause you to have high cholesterol. A majority of the cholesterol in eggs is in fact good for you and the benefits of eating eggs far out way the negatives. Eating eggs as a part of a well-balanced diet and physical activity routine will keep you in EGG-cellent shape for years to come. 

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