My Journey


My name is Ken , and fitness is my passion , its my life . My goal in life is to leave this world a healthier and more fit then when I entered it . But it wasn’t always that way…..

I was a chubby kid my whole life , picked on , made fun of because of my weight .I had low self esteem , low confidence , and it just got worse as the years went on  . My tipping point was when I graduated high school at close to 300 lbs !! .But I ,like most, wanted a quick fix. I tried all the different “ popular” diet drugs , I even went the starvation route the summer after high school. And yes it worked I lost close to 80 lbs , but  I was weak and starvation isn’t a habit that is sustainable. Through the years my weight fluctuated , especially after I turned 21 (So many empty calories in alcohol) , Working out once or twice a week , plus grabbing whatever food I could grab during my busy undergraduate schedule , led to my weight  ballooning back up . That was when I gave my life to fitness. Eating right, developing healthy habits , where working out is just as important as brushing my teeth and showering.

I now live a fulling life , exercising almost daily , participating in 5ks and obstacle course races , enjoy doing active things like paddleboarding , hiking and even country line dancing!!  And the best part … I look in the mirror and I am happy with what I am looking at , it’s a feeling everyone should feel !  Trust me ,you can have that feeling , you Ken be fit too (cheap plug ) , but it wont be easy , nothing in life worth having is ever easy !

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