If you haven’t checked it out Read why most fad diets don’t work long term

What to expect from Ken’s Nutrional Coaching

 With in  12 months, I will help you achieve your best body !  And stay that way .. permanently

​​Healthier then you could ever imaging

Banish body fat, get strong and move better Whatever your goals, Within 12 months you will feel as good as you’ve felt in your earlier years


No more  Diet -> binge > guilt -> repeat

No more fads , no more restrictions. Real food , real portions. No starving , pills , shakes or crazy plans


Small Steps -> Big Results

I will break down healthy eating into small daily habits, that will lead to massive success .  You will develop healthy habits for LIFE .


Guidance and support from a world-class coach.

I will give you accountability, direction, and support every step of the way. I will help you stay consistent, no matter what life throws at you.


Backed by science. Proven with real people.

These coaching methods have been tested and proven with nearly 100,000 clients to date. We’re constantly tweaking and improving our program based on the latest in nutrition, exercise, and psychology research.


Results 100% guaranteed.

I’ll coach you for an entire year. And just like the thousands of clients we’ve worked with,  If you trust the process , you will banish body fat , move better and FEEL AWESOME ….or your money back

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