I have helped a lot of people in my 10 year career here is just a snap shot of some of the people I’ve helped

“Ken has been my personal trainer and group trainer for over two years. His knowledge of muscular and skeletal anatomy has enabled him to tailor a program to help me prepare for and recover from knee replacement surgery. My work with him has been invaluable in my continuing progress. Ken is very friendly and actively encourages me to extend my comfort zone.”- Stuart D

   ”  I joined Ken’s Nutritional Habits program to regain my health and tomake myself a priority.  What has really changed is what I have gained, healthy sustainable habits.  No gimmicks, no diet books, no weighing food.  It is learning the difference between hunger and eating for boredom or emotions.     It’s not only about the number on the scale, it’s building muscle whichchanges your body with Ken’s nutritional guidance and consistent exercise.     Ken is always encouraging and motivating which was the key to my success. ” – Karen N.


“For years I exercised using some home gym equipment and exercise videos. In following the routines and meal plans from the books and videos, I had moderate success to achieve the goals I set for myself. In trying to challenge myself I developed back issues that hindered me from exercising in the manner I wanted. From the onset of my back issues, I struggled for months trying to find the right balance of exercise and nutrition to prevent the reoccurrence of those back issues. Approximately a year and half ago I decided the only way to help me overcome those issues was to join the gym and work with a professional trainer. I thought that by hiring a trainer I would be able to learn the proper techniques to help strengthen my back and improve my overall health and fitness.

The day I signed up for my gym membership, I had the opportunity to speak to one of the trainers about my situation and what I was looking to accomplish. That trainer was Ken McCullough. I can say without a doubt that since working Ken he has drastically improved my general health and fitness. After outlining my goals, he created a training and eating plan to help me quickly achieve those goals.  There were even a few times, while training with Ken, I had a few minor health situations that prevented me from continuing with the regimen I was on. It was with Kens knowledge and experience that he was able to adjust my routines to help me heal and get back to where I was before those health situations.  Ken has always taken the time to listen and aid me in achieving my goals. He has been a great motivator even on days when I didn’t think I could get through a workout. He continues to motivate and guide me to a place I didn’t think I could get to on my own. If you are looking to improve your overall health and wellness, I would highly recommend Ken as a trainer. His certifications in training and nutrition, along with his ability to listen and adapt to your needs will get you the results you may have only dreamed of.”- John M

I’m very thankful to Ken for not only introducing me to strength training but for helping me to thoroughly enjoy it. I used to do strictly cardio workouts and had zero interest in strength training. But a few years ago I gave it a try and attended Ken’s group weight training class. I soon found out how much I liked it, and we have such a great time in that class that it didn’t feel like work!- Nancy T

Experience with Ken “ I hired Ken hoping to lose a few pounds. The experience, however was much greater than that. In addition to losing pounds and inches I gained an entirely new way of looking at food and nutrition and how that relates to my life as a whole. I am much more confident and happy with myself. The program offered daily support, guidance, and specific advise.”- Cookie P

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