The Fountain of Youth

Did you know regularly exercising and eating right is like the fountain of youth ?

no need for creams

Lets go over HOW

Less sugar – diets high in added sugar not only bad for our health but it AGES our skin

More Water less soda /other sugary crap – Water helps to restore elasticity to the skin and hydrates us on a cellular level, which helps to plump up and smooth out our skin giving it a more youthful appearance

Low stress , less aging – Not only does stress hurt you on the inside , it hurts you on the outside as well . exercising , deep breathing help to de stress in a HEALTHY WAY

More ANTIOXIDANTS – Vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene do the very important work of repairing our cells. Vitamin C is particularly crucial for maintaining healthy and resilient skin by helping with the formation of collagen, which helps to give your skin more elasticity.

Lean healthy sources of protein – not a McDonald’s hamburger , Good protein slows insulin levels, stabilizes blood sugar and helps keep cortisol levels low . Collagen is one of the most valuable proteins in our body and helps to reduce sagging skin, strengthen bones, hair, and nails and helps prevent premature aging and helps keep us over all healthier .

SIT UP STRAIGHT ! Havin good posture is associated with looking 20 years younger and acting 40 years younger from your appearance

Stay active , lift weights , do the cardio , dance and have fun – People who were active were shown to have cells that appeared 9 years younger than there SEDENTARY counter parts


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